"the change is in you" Art & Events Voluntary service in Bulgaria

Participants Profile: We are looking for 2 Portuguese youngsters (18 to 30 years old) that are energetic people who are ready to work with kids and young people, be a part of massive events and demonstrate their talents.

The project...

At first place, “Outdoor Fun” project aims at bringing together young people from different cultures, with different background, social status, experience and viewpoints through the power of art, which is a universal means of communication.

We would like to show local community and all young people that there are no boundaries in communication and friendship unless we set such.

No matter the colour of our skin, our sexual orientation, financial status, we all strive for one – to be happy.

If you join us, your tasks will include:

  • Street art – paintings around the town (water pipes, walls, asphalt, etc.);
  • Art workshop with local kids and youngsters;
  • Intercultural evening – each team will have the chance to present interesting elements of their culture (food, dancing, music, games);
  • Short cinema with discussions;
  • Organising free outdoor music parties;
  • Video filming and editing;
  • Other events and activities by your choice, depending on your skills, interests, creativity, team decisions focused on any kind of art, multicultural representation, leisure time.
  • 9-11 August – Be a part of the first edition of “Fun Навън” festival, which will try to promote various forms of street art, free time activities outdoor, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

“The Change in in You” Association was established in 2014. Since then we have been actively working with kids and young people, doing our best to promote volunteering, transnational mobility, active citizenship, healthy lifestyle. We are located in the beautiful mountain town of Tryavna and try to provide diverse leisure time activities for almost all ages. We have worked with over 30 foreign and 50 local volunteers. Among the activities we organize are: creative workshops, summer camp, language games, sports events,
hiking trips, exhibitions, etc.

for more information contact our international department at:

(*Vagas Limitadas)

*Project 100% supported by the Erasmus+ programme (food, accomodation, pocket money and travel).

*Participant fee* 
If you are a regular volunteer at the farm we charge you 1€ per day till the total sum of 30€.
If you are contacting us for the first time and want to go in our International mobility programme the fee for projects are 5€ per day till the sum of 50€ per project
(these conditions depend and vary from project to project and partner to partner).
If you have any doubts please contact us at