"From Trash to Treasure"
Youth Exchange Bélgium

Participants Profile: -We are looking for young Portuguese youngsters (18 to 30 years old)
-Interest in the environmental topic - Interest in learning more about the consequence of Human behavior on the planet - Passionate about upcycling - Interested in improving their creativity skills and using them to raise awareness on the topic - Basic level of English

The project...

From Trash to Treasure is a Youth Exchange project gathering young people (18-25 years old) from Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal and Belgium. During 10 days, participants will exchange on the topic of environment, sustainable development and upcycling.
By focusing on upcycling we want to highlight and address topics such as environment and sustainable development. We want through manual activities and a bit of theoretical activities raise awareness on the importance of switching from a model that follows a linear production (Production, distribution, consumption and wastes) to a different model: circular -that doesn’t stop after wastes. We want to talk about the circular economy which includes among others things the ideas of : reuse, repair, upcycling and recycling.. We want to show what we can gain as a person/a community by following this model and what will be the impact on the environment, the society and the planet.
This project will help us to share what is happening in the countries that will participate to the project, what are the good initiatives. We want to share our experience and show what useful items you can create with waste. We believe that if young people from different countries keep meeting around this kind of project and keep exchanging, their behavior but also the behavior of people around them and then the behavior of people from their country will change faster, and will help us to reach easily the sustainable development
The aims:
The main aim of this project is to raise awareness about environment and sustainable lifestyle but also to give a first mobility opportunity for young people with fewer opportunities through open air activities, art and workshop. Some activities will be also focused on intercultural learning. The specific objectives of the project are to:
– Increase the awareness among youngsters on sustainability and wastes
– Share some ideas on how to reduce wastes and what can be done with it.
– Develop a better understanding of the concepts link to the topic
– Be aware of what is happening in its own country but also in other countries
– Sharing new tools to talk about environmental issues
– Develop better understanding of the concepts link to the topic
– Discovering what is upcycling
– Better understanding of circular economy
– Reflexion about his own behavior and its impact on the planet
– Raise awareness and understanding of other cultures
– Promote Intercultural diversity, linguistic learning, tolerance, respect, diversity
– Promote mobility opportunities for education and employment


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*Project 100% supported by the Erasmus+ programme (food, accomodation and travel).

*Participant fee* 
If you are a regular volunteer at the farm we charge you 1€ per day till the total sum of 30€.
If you are contacting us for the first time and want to go in our International mobility programme the fee for projects are 5€ per day till the sum of 50€ per project
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