Environment & Inclusion "eco-design, wood working, gardening - Voluntary service in Itália

Participants Profile: We are looking for young Portuguese youngsters (18 to 30 years old) that are energetic people who are ready to work with migrants, young people and be interested in the crafts, wood working and sustainability.

The project...

In an old abandoned  building in the city of Catania, in Sicily, Italy with the project FIERi we built an Intercultural Factory of Eco-Sustainable Re-use. The project involved migrant men and women who are living in Catania. A cultural heritage that we want to interweave with our artisanal knowledge. We will begin with different workshops where one can learn how to repair and recycle various types of materials. We will teach old and innovative techniques to create beautiful and functional objects from materials that are no longer used.


 – Workshop construction from recycled materials (woodworking, design, eco jewellery)

 – Gardening

 – Arrangement of factory spaces

 – Natural agriculture.


Arci Catania it´s an Non-profit NGO active in the fields of cultural, education, social policies, intercultural dialogue and youth promotion. Arci Catania coordinates 14 youth centers in Catania that are part of Arci´s Network. It´s goals are to promote active citizenship and democratic involvement in all marginal communities (migrants, youth with few opportunities).

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(*Vagas Limitadas)

*Project 100% supported by the Erasmus+ programme (food, accomodation and travel).*

*Participant fee* 

If you are a regular volunteer at the farm we charge you 1€ per day till the total sum of 30€.

If you are contacting us for the first time and want to go in our International mobility programme the fee for projects are 5€ per day till the sum of 50€ per project
(these conditions depend and vary from project to project and partner to partner).
If you have any doubts please contact us at