Created in 2016 with the main goal of learning and spreading knowledge on Arts and Sustainability, Associação Quinta das Relvas develops non-formal education activities such as workshops, exchanges, conferences, artistic residencies and trainings for a local, national and international audience giving priority to youngsters still studying or in the beginning of their careers as well as youngsters somehow with less opportunities.


We are working on developing a co-work community that can help the project to reach higher levels of complexity and increasing drastically our actions impact. For that we are supporting several key projects that are aligned with the farm goals and developing several community orientated actions to provide meaningful insights on creative/artistic and sustainable development


By interconnecting people, entities, projects and ideas work gets lighter, nicer, better and our reach bigger, stronger, louder.

 Isolated we are weeker. We trust interconnectivity: to create more with less!


True sustainability only happens when a system can provide more energy than the one needed for it to start and maintain. At the farm we approach that motto after Permaculture, using its methodology to tackle our challenges always aiming for a positive impact on all our actions.


Creative thinking is the ultimate way to question, think and re-think what’s stablished because by contrast with other subjects, Art doesn’t aim answers but unexpected questions and feelings that bring the deepest of us to dialogue with the deepest of the other. There is something in Art that resembles solidarity by the other. A will to communicate, to understand and to be understood. And, oh boy, we need that.

Latest News

PDC: call for participants

Permaculture Design Course WHAT? Join an immersive Permaculture Design Course led by Lucy Legan & André Soares, and receive your PDC certificate upon completion!

GENDER-ECO: call for participants

Lets build gender-eco-friendly collectives! WHAT? An Erasmus + Training Course focused on developing strategies to apply gender equality and ecological good practices within our

N.A.T.U.R.E.+: call for participants

N.A.T.U.R.E.+ WHAT? An Erasmus+ Training Course N.A.T.U.R.E.+ 2.0 aims to provide youth workers with competences to support youngsters to increase the respect for nature

A.I.R. at Quinta das Relvas 2024

A.I.R. at Quinta das Relvas 2024 WHAT? An artist-in-residence program at our wonderful space, with access to workshops and study visits, and supported by


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