Quinta das Relvas

Consulting and hosting

If you have your own ideas to put on practice this section is for you!


Do you want to start your own project but you don’t know where to start? 

Do you know where you need help? If you have some doubts about how to organize your land, found your organization, receive volunteers, build ecological structures or legalize them let us know! We have been there… 


Do you need a place to host your own project?

We may be the place! We have the means to accommodate big groups (both for working and staying), working spaces, an amazing chef and years of experience on producing big events (from festivals to brand activations). Besides that our team has the skills to lead the best group activities such as games, team-buildings and ice-breakers, and through our big range of local partners we can turn your experience at the farm adventurous, cultural and memorable! Let us know what are your plans – we are ready!

Get in touch!