Quinta das Relvas

About Us

Our Story

Created in 2016 with the main goal of learning and spreading knowledge on Arts and Sustainability, Associação Quinta das Relvas develops non-formal education activities such as workshops, exchanges, conferences, artistic residencies and trainings for a local, national and international audience giving priority to youngsters still studying or in the beginning of their careers as well as youngsters somehow with less opportunities.

We are based on and eco-farm with the same name (Relvas’ farm) located in the village of Branca (Albergaria-a-Velha Council). Please note we are not a community; we work with one: the local community of Albergaria-a-Velha.


The farm has a rich natural and historic heritage where several flora and fauna species live so you can think about us and our place as a co-work in the woods!

Our organization works with a multidisciplinary team, with elements working in fields like event management, fine arts, performative arts, teaching, biology, architecture, cooking, meditation, among others – all of them being extremely motivated to make this World a more fair and better place for us to live in!

Also, since 2019, we have created an eco-hostel that hosts travelers willing to visit the region and get to know our project! Eco-hostel Quinta das Relvas is a project that respects all the association values and helps its financial sustainability!

Core Principles

Sustainability & Permaculture

Sustainability is a systematic strategy that we use, implement, and improve in all our options at the farm. We use Permaculture in all it’s principles as a tool to achieve these goals.

Learn and Share with US!


Since we arrived at the farm we tried to work together with nature, its characteristics, materials and benefits to reduce our ecological footprint!

Get the best training in this field and plan a better future!

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Our team includes painters, actors, illustrators and other creative fellows that see in the Farm a boiling pot for creation and cooperation! If you are looking for improvement of some of your skills, meet other artists and get inspired.

Stay tuned to our artist calls and opportunities or book your long-term artistic residence!

International Mobility

Looking for a life-changing adventure?

If you would like to learn or volunteer abroad get in touch with our international department and stay tuned to our calls!



Most frequent questions and answers

No. We are a NGO that works with the local community. You can think about us as a co-work!

Yes, but only through one of our organized activities or by staying with us at the eco-hostel. We are not a public space and we are a very small team so we are not able to receive visitors in other terms. Hope you understand.

On a regular basis no because we don’t always have the means to support and host them. We believe that a voluntary service should have an educational component so we only accept volunteers when this can happen. The best way to know our opportunities it to follow us on social media where we post on the open calls that pop-up!

The best way to start being an active member at the farm is to participate on one of our activities. This way you are able to feel our vibes and understand if your expectations would be fulfilled if working with us. Nevertheless, if you have a proposal, feel free to get in touch with us through our email – as long as proposals are ecologically, economically and emotionally sustainable we are always up for new adventures!

Yes! We receive a lot of contacts asking for help and expertise in the fields we work so we have created a consulting department that can help you with your own project and ideas! This may have costs for you but we make it count! Please check the Consulting & Hosting section