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Quinta das Relvas Association is a non-profit NGO founded in 2016 and located in Branca, Portugal, dedicating itself to non-formal education activities in Arts and Sustainability with a view to a better social future. With its headquarters in an increasingly sustainable farm, Quinta das Relvas consists of a multidisciplinary team that uses the farm as a laboratory to collaboratively develop, share and promote educational experiences that can take the form of artistic residencies, workshops, conferences, trainings, internships, volunteering programs or international exchanges. In this way, Quinta das Relvas promotes social participation and collective creative and critical thinking for a more sustainable and resilient future, the reconsideration of the rural context and the decentralization of access to enjoyment and training in the area of Culture.



Since its creation, Associação Quinta das Relvas’ team knew they wanted to explore visual arts in relation to the given context. Part of the team´s actual profile are artists and art-related researchers. One of our main goal as an artistic entity is to promote creative time and space for artistic practices in direct dialogue with others and Nature.
It was only by doing that the farm defined what was its strength on the Arts field: not only to promote creative and research-based practices on a rural and decentralized context but specially to collective discuss and reflect on the thin line where Art and the World – both natural and social – touch each other-Art in, and pro, relationships.

Art to the people not as entertainment but as tool; not for people to see but to think; Art as base for a multicultural world of brotherhood based on intersubjectivity: a global will to solidarity.


The farm has unique ecosystem for creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking fuelled not only for its specific natural and cultural characteristics but also by its inhabitants and visitors!

Since its creation, the organization prioritized the investment on solid foundations- both in terms of infrastructures on site but also people training  – creating a boiling pot co-work that is being used to kick-start several projects by directly supporting key players/ staff with their ideas/projects at the farm. We like to think that we are defined by that: by the connection on everyone’s’ different shape, colour and movement, by the sum of their wills and by the sharing resources to support each other.

With the power of inclusion, we create a win-win situation that resonates outside the farm walls. And how to amplify that? By keeping doors open: our free education opportunities ( EU programmes and others) give the chance to youngsters to learn and travel on symbiotic experiences that have a drastic effect on their and communities lives. These activities can take the shape of exchanges, workshops, workcamps, trainings and artistic residences, trusting on non-formal education methods to promote change and critical thinking – we not only embrace newcomers but also send locals to projects abroad – empowering our local community twice!


At the farm, the concept of interconnectivity becomes more than just a theory – it becomes a living, breathing reality.

After trial and error, we understood that that random elements hardly survive: when you’re isolated, swimming against the tide, you are weaker. So we defined our approach to what’s new by its availability to interconnectivity, focusing on providing and stablishing strong connections between ideas, people, projects, and entities.

The interconnectivity at Quinta das Relvas is not limited to the realm of nature and community; it extends to the economic and social aspects as well. By implementing regenerative practices, the farm minimizes reliance on external resources and inputs, reducing costs and creating a more economically sustainable model. Surplus produce can be shared or sold within the community, fostering local resilience, and strengthening the local economy.

Ultimately, Quinta das Relvas serves as a living testament to the power of interconnectivity within the permaculture framework. It showcases the profound impact that can be achieved when we recognize and embrace the interdependent relationships that exist within our ecosystems. By cultivating a deep understanding of these connections and nurturing them, our project demonstrates how we can create thriving, resilient, and sustainable systems that benefit both humans and the natural world.

In conclusion, interconnectivity and whole systems design is a new frontier on how we look the world it promises to revolutionize the way we interact with each other and everything around us.


Around here, we don´t take lightly the term “sustainability”: besides being a label that makes you look and feel good, sustainability is our generation’s responsibility and the ultimate possibility for a better future.

Our commitment to ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability serves as a testament to what can be achieved when we align our actions with the principles of nature. As visitors stroll through the farm, they witness first-hand the potential for transformative change and are inspired to become stewards of the Earth, weaving sustainability into the fabric of their own lives.

Our farm is laboratory, a training ground, an unfinished project. At the heart of Quinta das Relvas lies the principle of sustainability, which guides every decision and action. With a deep respect for the Earth, its resources, and inhabitants Quinta das Relvas integrates ecological processes orientated by Permaculture framework and way of thinking to create a harmonious and self-sustaining ecosystem.

The History

Although the Quinta das Relvas NGO was founded in 2016, the farm was built on the XVIII century, in 1789 as written on the top of its fountain. Its entire history is still a mystery although we know, through written reports, that it was built by a local wealthy family, was lost through gambling, belong to the church and became the first primary school of the village. Then, already on the XX century, it was bought by Dias Marques’ family for its land: full of clay, a material needed for the family’s bricks and tiles factory. Since then, it belongs to the same family although Dalila and Fernando were the first to actually live at the farm, slowly restoring the main building with their own hand and planting the farm’s woods with native species, instead of the regular local tendency for eucalyptus monoculture. Their vision provided us the idyllic landscape of the farm. Now, we share it with you!

The Staff


Owner, logistics and local partnerships


sustainability department coordinator & bioconstruction trainer


arts department coordinator also dealing with the boring paperwork


DJ & slow practices trainer




hostel manager & mão-de-gato specialist


Agro forest boss & erasmus+ projects


communication, plumber, electrician, photographer, video-maker, performer, handy man, barman, facilitator, actor, dancer, local historian, and more...


Nerd things


logístics and security


maker of our local & handmade treats


Wellness witch


Arts and people


Building wizard


International department


Design magician


veggie chef


Arts' department collaborator and publications' master

Our partners

Networking and empowering

Most frequently asked question

No. We are a NGO that works with the local community. You can think about us as a co-work!

Yes, but only through one of our organized activities or by staying with us at the eco-hostel. We are not a public space and we are a very small team so we are not able to receive visitors in other terms. Hope you understand.

On a regular basis no because we don’t always have the means to support and host them. We believe that a voluntary service should have an educational component so we only accept volunteers when this can happen. The best way to know our opportunities it to follow us on social media where we post on the open calls that pop-up!

The best way to start being an active member at the farm is to participate on one of our activities. This way you are able to feel our vibes and understand if your expectations would be fulfilled if working with us. Nevertheless, if you have a proposal, feel free to get in touch with us through our email – as long as proposals are ecologically, economically and emotionally sustainable we are always up for new adventures!

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