Build Up Your Life – Water Series

Another training completed, this set up tone for future projects. It was a difficult one,” lots of growing pains “.

This Build up your life: water series was focused mainly in three different areas:

1. Water retention in the landscape and groundwater restoration;

2. Water harvesting for households consumption;

3. Waste water treatment, re-use and re- introduction in the landscape. We started to introduce a lot of these elements at the farm and more are planned to be introduced in the next coming months. For the record we introduced: – 4 new water tanks, – lots of gutters with first flush systems – 4 infiltration ponds and swales – 2 fat splitters (one with 1000 litres for showers and other of 100 litres for a kitchen sink) – 1 biofilter for grey water system.

For more information check the project at

In less then a year we tackled 2 major functions in any system food and water…

Coming next in 2024 – Energy series.


Swale gutter rain water harvest fat separator bioflter 3000 litre water tank

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