SEEDS: Call for artists

SEEDS – Means for a sustainable art practice

This project will empower 12 participants, from EU sending partners, ensuring diversity, and multiculturalism.

The artistic residencies will include several different workshops and mentorship sessions with mentors and facilitators that will share how to practice sustainable art with techniques that may be used in drawing, painting, printing, and sculpture, using materials that are environmentally friendly and do not create waste. These workshops will be followed by periods of free production where artists will experiment to develop their artworks using the skills they have acquired. During the project, the artists will have the opportunity to share their work and artist progress in exhibitions and presentations. In order to create awareness about project thematics participants will actively engage with targeted communities – this way we will ensure better dissemination of project outputs and higher communication reach.
This includes the production of different digital output formats, exhibitions, and publications.

+ info and applications:

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